Patient Voice in Clinical Trials

Most drug development organisations do not engage with patients or patient representative groups during the design and development of clinical trials. Here you can find the benefit and opportunities to incorporate patient’s voice in the design and development of clinical trials.
Patient voice in Clinical Trials

4 Benefits of Patient's Voice

Better trial design


Maximise the benefits for those who take part and the quality of the results

Higher recruitment and diversity


More realistic and inclusive criteria for those who qualify to take part, increasing number of participants and reducing trial timelines

Higher retention​


Improved experience for those taking part, reducing dropouts and obtaining quicker and better results

Better care for patients


Improved management of a patient condition using the research treatment

Opportunities to incorporate Patient's Voice in Clinical Trials

Trial concept

Input on patient journey, main concerns, other health conditions, participant’s needs and care experience over time

Trial design

Input on trial guidelines and barriers to attract participants (e.g. use of placebo or specific standard of care)

Trial design

Input on approaches for ensuring inclusion of diverse and representative population in the trial

Trial design

Input on trial feasibility and patient burden (e.g. frequency of visits, imaging and other tests)

Trial design

Input on planned patient support plan during the clinical trial

Trial design

Contribution on learning what matters to patients suggesting better Patient Reported Outcomes Measures, which capture and measure how patient’s feel during the clinical trial

Trial materials for patients

Input on the readability of trial information materials to be understood by the layperson

Ongoing trial

Contribute on ideas to improve trial recruitment
(e.g. using digital solutions, intelligent platforms, etc.)

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