Onboarding for Candidates: Match and Connect to Clinical Trials

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Create an account and sign in

1. Go to trials.clinicalnet.com using any internet browser and click Sign in/Create Account.

2. Click Sign in as User.

3. If you don’t have a Clinical Net account, click Create User Account. If you already  have an account, move to point 6.

4. Fill in the required fields and click Create User Account.

5. Validate your email address by clicking Verify Your Email on the email you received in your inbox or spam folder.

6. If you already have an account, click Sign in as User, enter your email address and password and click Sign in.

7. Enter the verification code or One Time Password (OTP) that you received in your inbox or spam folder, and click Verify.

Match to the most suitable clinical trial

8. Go to the home page and click Enrol (Oncology).

9. Answer the questions on the screen to the best of your knowledge to find the most suitable clinical trial.

Connect to the clinical trial site

10. Keep answering questions until the Eligibility Score goes above 40% and then click Referral.

11. In the popup, select the preferred location (clinical trial site) and click Next.

12. Indicate if you are a Candidate or a Candidate’s Carer. Provide the name and email address of one of the Candidate’s medical team members. Accept the Privacy Notice and Terms & Conditions and click Next.

13. You have the option to upload medical documents related to your condition. Click Next.

14. Your and your team’s details are sent to the clinical trial team of your preferred location. They will get in touch soon to start the pre-enrolment process.

Monitor enrolment

15. On the home page, click Monitor.

16. On the Monitor Enrolment page, click on the Monitor Enrolment icon.

17. You can monitor the pre-enrolment process by tracking the progress on completing the eligibility criteria required for the clinical trial.

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