Onboarding: Clinical Trial Sites


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Create an account and sign in

1. Go to trials.clinicalnet.com using any internet browser and click Sign in.

2. Sign in using your credentials or sign up as Trial Site Team if you don’t have an account yet. 

3. If you sign up, you will have to validate your email address by clicking Verify Your Email on the email you received in your inbox.

4. When you sign in, it will ask you to enter the verification code or One Time Password (OTP) that you received in your inbox or spam folder, and click Verify.

Connect and start receiving candidates

5. You are now logged in as Trial Site User. Click Connect.

6. Search your clinical trial by using the filters and click Connect.

7. On the popup that appears, select the name of your clinical trial site or hospital and enter the details of the main contact person of your team. Note that the main contact details will be displayed on the clinical trial page. Click Submit.

8. Your trial is now connected. Click anywhere over the trial row to open the trial page.

9. On the trial page, scroll down to Locations and find your clinical trial site using the Country and City filters. 

10. You will have the option to change the Status of your clinical trial site. Ensure it is set to Recruiting. Your account is now ready to start receiving candidates that match with your trial and pick your clinical trial site. 

Manage candidates

11. On the home page, click Manage.

12. Click on the Manage Enrolment icon of the clinical trial you want to manage.

13. Click on the candidate you want to manage.

14. Check the candidate’s eligibility and use the candidate or candidate’s carer contact details to get in touch with the patient and start the pre-enrolment screening.

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