Knowledge of clinical trials among the general public

Even though COVID-19 increased attention to clinical trials, knowledge of clinical trials among the general public remains poor. Most people don’t know how to participate in clinical trials or how to find information about them.
Knowledge Of Clinical Trials Among The General Public

What do you know about clinical trials?

This month, we have been asking the general public how much they knew about clinical trials. We are happy to share some results of our survey with you.

How to participate in clinical trials, or even what is a clinical trial, are questions that were asked, and the results shows that knowledge of clinical trials among the general public remains poor, particularly in how they can participate in a clinical trial or where they can find the relevant information.

Research suggests more than three-quarters of the general public are willing to participate in clinical trial studies. However, low clinical trial knowledge and awareness present one of the most significant barriers to clinical trial participation.

More effective ways of improving clinical trial awareness among the general public should be reconsidered among healthcare professionals and organisations involved in clinical trials.

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