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More than 80% of clinical trials do not meet their deadlines because they struggle to find enough participants. Consequently, the current standard of care for clinical trials recommends reconsideration of candidate recruitment strategies as a priority.

Current candidate recruitment strategies, such as word of mouth referral requests from other hospitals, patient scanning using medical records within the clinical trial site, and condition or region-specific clinical trial portals, may enable identification of some candidates. However, these require significant manual labour, incur high costs and/or are limited to the pool of patients of a given hospital or demographic, leading to low and biased recruitment.

Low recruitment is mostly a consequence of a lack of awareness of ongoing trials and convoluted enrolment processes. It is paramount to tackle these two problems to come out with a successful solution.

A lesson to be learnt from the current Covid-19 pandemic is that clinical drug development and delivery of new drugs to patients can be accelerated by many years if we boost patient recruitment by connecting patients with trials and streamlining the enrolment process.


Clinical Net is a worldwide platform designed for users to easily find clinical trial information, connect people with clinical trials and automate clinical trial processes to accelerate drug development.


Find your clinical trials and connect your clinical trial sites to start receiving candidate referrals

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Sponsors can help clinical trial sites boost recruitment in two simple steps. Find the clinical trial in our database and Connect their clinical trial sites to our eligibility matching system with only one click.

Most people are unaware that they can participate in clinical trials or which clinical trials are suitable for them. Difficulty to easily access clinical trial information remains a major rootcause of clinical trial recruitment delays.

Our platform contains all clinical trials available worldwide and is designed to facilitate the search for clinical trials and easily identify the most suitable ones for each candidates via an intelligent eligibility matching algorithm.


Monitor candidate screening and recruitment numbers in real-time

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Our Monitor function allows sponsors visualise the number of referred, in screening and enrolled remotely and in real-time.

Low enrolment rates versus candidate referral rates usually indicate bottle-necks in the clinical trial design or the clinical trial site operational procedures. Prompt identification of this mismatch is key to rapidly addressing the source of the problem to keep high recruitment rates.

Our platform digitalises the enrolment process to facilitate the tracking of referral, screening and enrolment rates and the prompt identification of bottle-necks.

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