Yu’s Journey: Transforming Monthlong Searches For Clinical Trials To Instant Matches

TTransforming Monthlong Searches For Clinical Trials To Instant Matches

Yu's Journey: Transforming Monthlong Searches For Clinical Trials To Instant Matches

Eight years ago, Yu faced one of life’s most difficult challenges of her life. Her husband received a diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear: metastatic cancer. The prognosis was seemingly hopeless, to say the least. “It was very, very bad at the time. It basically shattered our world,” Yu recalls with a heavy heart. Despite the devastating news, she didn’t give up the search for hope.

Yu started spending “5 hours or 6 hours a day” looking into every new study, update, and announcement regarding clinical trials. This search for hope became her mission, yet it came at a big personal cost. Precious moments that could have been spent making memories with her husband were instead spent searching for a lifeline.



Yu’s story is a reflection of a challenge faced by countless people worldwide. Finding and getting into clinical trials is hard and emotionally draining. There is a critical need for a more straightforward, easier approach to connect patients with potentially life-saving trials.

Driven by her own experience, Yu eventually joined forces with Clinical Net, an online platform that changes how people find clinical trials. Clinical Net uses artificial intelligence to look at over 72,000 ongoing clinical trials, to match patients and healthy volunteers with the most suitable clinical trial. “Doctors are incredibly busy, handling numerous patients and may not always have the ability to explore every potential trial. Clinical Net fills this gap, serving as an important resource for both patients and healthcare providers,” Yu emphasizes.  

This innovative platform speeds up the process of finding and connecting to clinical trials into three easy steps: 

1. People answer individually-tailored questions about their health, and the platform displays the most suitable clinical trials; 

2. With only one click they  connect directly with the trial team; 

3. The trial team, the candidate and the candidate’s medical team are automatically connected to share details of the clinical trial and discuss the option of starting the pre-enrollment process. 

This quick method directly addresses the difficulties Yu faced, offering hope more quickly to those needing it. This represents a significant advancement in enhancing patient care and speeding up medical research.

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By simplifying the search for clinical trials, Clinical Net not only speeds up the path to hope and treatment but also shows a huge advancement in patient-centered care and research. It ensures that the journey Yu endured makes the way for a brighter path for others facing similar battles.

Through Clinical Net, Yu’s story becomes more than a personal story of struggle and resilience. It represents a broader mission to use technology, offering hope and support to those going through their most challenging moments. Yu’s legacy through Clinical Net is a testament to the power of innovation in bridging the gap between patients and groundbreaking medical treatments, lighting the path toward healing and hope.


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