£200,000 target
£147,000​ 73.5%

Clinical Net is a health-tech company committed to ensuring that everyone has easy access to the most innovative treatments in clinical trials while also tackling one of the largest challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry.

More than just a solution to a pressing issue in clinical trials, Clinical Net offers a strategic and innovative approach designed to finally meet everyone’s needs, providing an excellent opportunity for investment and growth.

This summer, we are opening a seed funding round to cover operational improvements and accelerate user adoption, setting the stage for our next funding phase. 

Importantly, we already have secured commitments from investment firms for our next funding round, which will open in 6-8 months, mitigating risks for those considering investments at this stage.


Type                              Equity
Valuation (pre-money)     £10M
Equity offered                      2%
Minimum investment         £2,000
Estimated return                 x10
Tax relief                               EIS (UK)
Maturity                                Market/pre-revenue
Sector                                     Healthcare
Market                             Clinical trials



Location                   London, United Kingdom 
Website                    www.clinicalnet.com
Platform                   www.trials.clinicalnet.com


Open                              Aug 7, 2023
Live Q&A session             Aug 22, 2023
Close                              Sep 8, 2023
Shareholder agreements   Sep 11-18, 2023

Funds transfer deadline    Sep 18, 2023

Our platform

Click on the image and access the Clinical Net platform to try our ‘Match to a clinical trial’ section.

Q&A session

August, 22, 2023 at 6:00pm GMT

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22nd Aug, 2023 at 6:00pm
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Our Mission

Making Clinical Trials accessible to everybody

The problem

Battling cancer or other incurable diseases can be devastating, especially when conventional treatments don’t work. Many of us turn to clinical trials, seeking innovative therapies that have the potential to improve, extend, or even save our lives. However, most people don’t know how to find the right clinical trial, and medical doctors often don’t have the time to research trials for their patients.

At the same time, more than 75% of clinical trials face delays of several years because they struggle to find enough participants. This not only slows down the process of approving new treatments but also imposes significant costs on pharmaceutical companies. Consequently, the current standard of care for clinical trials recommends reconsideration of participant recruitment strategies.

The Problem

Current solutions

Difficulty to find the right clinical trial and low participation have been an everlasting problem. Although many have tried to solve this issue, nobody have succeeded yet. Current methods to connect patients with clinical trials are inefficient, time-consuming, and cost-ineffective. Some solutions depend heavily on overworked healthcare professionals to spend hours matching patients with suitable clinical trials, which is unrealistic. Other methods, such as clinical trial databases that allow patients to search for trials themselves, are difficult to navigate, lack proper trial filtering tools and are often written in technical language, causing many patients to abandon their search.

The solution

We recognise the unique needs of patients and healthcare professionals, and we have identified the critical success factors to address this problem.

Healthcare professionals often don’t have the time to research clinical trials as additional treatment options for their patients. The most motivated individuals are the patients and their families, who are fighting for their own lives or those of their loved ones. The solution that could make a significant difference should save time for healthcare professionals and be extremely user-friendly for patients and their families.

We worked with the top UK medical oncologists, patients, and key players in the pharmaceutical industry, to architect a smart solution that could finally work for everybody.


We created Clinical Net, the first ever open-source platform for patients and professionals with over 65,000 open clinical trial globally with fully structured clinical trial information, where patients, their families, nurses and doctors can match and connect to the most suitable clinical trial in just 5 minutes. It’s easy, fast and free.

Clinical Net allows more patients to easily enter clinical trials, boosting clinical trial recruitment. For pharmaceutical companies, Clinical Net accelerates drug development and saves them millions.

Monetisation strategy

Pharmaceutical companies will pay subscriptions that will allow patients matched to their clinical trials to be automatically connected to the clinical trial team. This will ensure that every potential participant arrives at their clinical trials. 

Clinical Net’s trial matching and connection process is fully automated. As a result, we don’t depend heavily on manpower, unlike other platforms. This streamlined approach results in considerably lower operational costs. Consequently, we can offer our solution to pharmaceuticals at a price 80% lower than that of our competitors, giving us an even bigger competitive advantage.

Go to market strategy

We launched the beta version of Clinical Net in April 2023. While it’s accessible globally, we’re piloting it with the UK’s lung cancer community. Later this year, we will expand to all oncology areas. Early next year, we aim to extend our reach to the US leveraging our connections and a strong marketing push, followed by an expansion into the EU. Ultimately, we plan to adapt the platform for all disease areas beyond oncology.



Since we launched Clinical Net, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from charities, clinical research teams, and trial sponsors. We’ve forged collaborations with eight charities and two patient-driven health-tech companies, all of which are channelling patients to Clinical Net. Additionally, we’ve partnered with two medical societies and a prominent medical platform, each directing healthcare professionals to our platform. Currently, we are in the process of finalizing agreements with three major pharmaceutical companies.

The most influential national and European key opinion leaders in healthcare and oncology have recognised Clinical Net’s value and are committed to support the widespread use of the platform.

To date, even without initiating a marketing campaign, Clinical Net has accumulated over 14,000 page views, attracted more than 500 users, secured over 70 registrations, and facilitated over 80 trial matches.

Use of funds

We are seeking £200k (€230k) to execute our awareness campaign, make the platform more dynamic and engaging, and secure more user registrations, bringing us to our next funding round, scheduled in 6-8 months. Commitments from investment firms are already secured for the next round, mitigating risks for those considering investments at this stage.

Use Of Funds

Our Team

The founder of Clinical Net (Nuria Coll Bastus) has extensive experience in clinical trials and the pharmaceutical industry. She is well-connected with renowned international figures in oncology, as well as key opinion leaders within the pharmaceutical sector. Our management team possesses deep expertise in developing high-tech solutions tailored for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We also have an advisory team made up of experts in key areas of our solution, who offers invaluable expertise and industry connections.

Nuria Head

Nuria Coll Bastus

Founder & CEO


✓ 12+ years drug development

✓ GDPR practitioner

Zoltan Head B&w

Zoltan Simari


✓ 20+ years software engineer

✓ Digital strategy

✓ BRIT, start-ups


Denis Talbot

Advisory Board Member

✓ 30+ years in clinical trials 

✓ Professor Medical Oncology

✓ Trustee of BTOG

Janette Head

Janette Rawlinson

Advisory Board Member

✓ 9+ years cancer and health research 

✓ Patient advocate

✓ International senior manager  

Filippo Head

Filippo Lanza

Advisory Board Member

✓ 20+ financial services

✓ Venture capitalist

✓ VC investor of Teacher2Parents

Tim Musson Head

Tim Musson

Advisory Board Member

✓ 30+ years IT and telecoms law 

✓ Data protection practitioner

✓ Founder of Computer law training

Q&A session

August, 22, 2023 at 6:00pm GMT

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22nd Aug, 2023 at 6:00pm
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